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Barcode Print Facility (BPF)  - an IBM Mainframe Printer Driver  System and COBOL Programming Tool - Barcode Software that does more than barcode

  • Barcode Power - Fast, Easy To Use  Full COBOL Support
  • Print Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Spanish - all languages supported
  • Gen AFPDS (MO:DCA) for PSF Print Using Simple COBOL
  • Gen HP PCL, QMS, ZEBRA, INTERMEC, IPDS, Upload & Print With Any Font
  • Barcode In One New Command
  • Replace AIFORM, Get off SNA!
  • Code 39, Code 128, PDF417, Etc
  • Use One Language For All Printers
  • Any Size Text, Boxes, Lines, Etc
  • Run ASCII printers with TCP/IP
  • Data Matrix Support, QR Code, RFID - Create RFID Tags
  • ENCODE - Generate character string to print barcode, PDF417, 39, XEROX, AFP
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